Why not use black background in your code editor ?

I just realized that I spend more time with Notepad++ than my wife :). Well, it’s nothing new for a full time programmer. So why not make my code editor comfortable for me. I have to stare the editor more than 9-10hrs a day. So a huge pressure on eyes. For a long term perspective, i must take care of the eye. The screen distance, the radiation, frequecny- everything must be taken seriously.

My favorite code editor is notepad++. It’s lightweight, sleek and has very good options to code PHP, JS, HTML. The default installation comes with a white background as most others do. But let me show how my code window looks.

Notepad++ Background


I feel more comfortable reading these colored texts on a black and it helps me work more. And actually the radiation from a black screen is obviously less from a white screen. So in the long run, it’s helpful for our eyes.

How to do it  in Windows ?