Celebrating PIE day

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Day before yesterday, i read in the newspaper that 14th March is the PIE day. That sounded interesting. Why ? cuz i had some sort of fascination about the value of PIE. i used to memorize upto 22 numbers which is 3.14159265358979323846 and i used to create kind of geek situation when i needed asking people how many numbers they could tell for pie. Typically teachers at school used to tell the number as 22/7 which breaks the value at the 3rd decimal point. Mizan Bhai at omeca coaching told that if you use 355/113 you get more accurate value which shows correct value up to 5th decimal point. So it was fun using the value of pie. Moreover there were times when i used to do JS apps with geometrical calculations.

So all these made me think that i should be a part me this celebration.

What did i do in this day? Nothing much, added 10 more numbers to my existing pie portfolio.

And i should ask the same question as the site. How many numbers did you memorize last year?