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So, in Blueliner Bangladesh, we needed some PHP programmers in the coming months. I almost took over 20  interviews from screened out CVs and found some good candidates. There’s some points we’d like the programmers of this country to be concerned about. Here are some of my observations and recommendations.

You have to learn yourself. Company may not give the opportunity!

This is one of the most common pitfalls i found in this recruitment drive. Most people complain that they don’t get enough time to learn about the latest tools and technologies. But the thing is, It’s your career! the companies will always try to get the best out of you within shortest possible budget and time. And at the same time you have to enrich yourself not only through the projects you get but also with some voluntary open source projects. What most companies don’t realize that, if the programmers are not given some room to do R&D, it’s eventually the organization who will lose by compromising with the standards of the programmer against budget. And the programmers are not updates with the latest tools technologies. So, guys! you have to take some personal effort to play with the newer things. Even if you don’t get a minute in the workplace, find some time at home to do some R&D. It will pay off inshAllah.

Ability to do things VS Ability to do things with Art.

There are hell lot of renowned Javascript programmers but how many do we know? John Resig, Jack Slocum, Remy Sharp and so on. Why do we know them ? Because they did something which others didn’t. They did things with Art for which we know them. So all the promising programmers, please concentrate on doing thing with Art. If you know jQuery, learn how it works, who’re the people behind it, follow them on twitter, read their blogs. Let alone John Resig’s Blog can give you a very good insight what’s being cooked for the next generation javascripts. BE detail oriented about things you play everyday with. You’ll always be appreciated for things you want to do not “things you had to do”.

Object Oriented Programming

PHP had been very lose in standards and conventions when it comes to Object Oriented Programming. The recent releases of PHP are much more matured that it used to be in the past. I started in 2000. We can do lot of things without even following the standard way. But dear PHP programmers, better companies or promising companies will take you because you’ll make some magical changes, add some new dimensions in the organization. So please be very clear and efficient about Object Oriented Concepts and way of doing those things in PHP. There’s a difference between a programmer who declares a class “abstract” knowing when it’s needed and a programmer who knows OOP but doesn’t want to declare the class abstract. PHP is not at the pick of it’s maturity. So try to discover which things are absent in OO PHP which are there in other languages (C++,Java, Ruby).

Have some publishing activities

To present yourself as a passionate programmer, you gotta have a blog or some sort of publishing which is visible on the WWW. If you have a blog and you write about things you play with, problems, time saving solutions, it will help you a lot getting the attention as a good, focused and passionate programmers. So start your blog now if you don’t have one. It takes a little time to get used to with some writing habit.

Care more on the CV

May people simply flooded of with bunch of tools and technologies. Many of cv looked like they are Jack of All trades. But hardly anyone was proficient in all they mentioned. So please, do not put items on which you don’t have substantial hold of and just for the sake of filling up CV. If you write you are good at Javascript, expect advanced level questions from JS. If you write “Good in OOP” , expect higher level questions from OOP.  Make the CV withing 3 pages maximum. It irritates the interviewer when people have long descriptions about each project you have worked on.

There are other points i wanted to write but the post will become longer than the comfortable or acceptable length. So i’ll share some more next hopefully.

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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    Its really a nice post Vaiya. Definitely It will help our PHP developers in career advancement.

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    nice and useful post. like it and waiting for next episode. 😉

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    I really like the point on R&D. Learning has no limits.
    excellent post.

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