Google Adsense introduces disgusting arrows in Ads

Google Adsense recently changed the ads they used to look like. Here are how they appear now with those big ugly arrows.




Now, Google says it has been introduced to protect more advertisers interests so that visitors don’t click on ads unknowingly. While it might be a good reason, but look at the aesthetics, it’s going to be really tough for publishers to put these ads on a site which has very good aesthetics. These buttons simply don’t go with most of the layout of the site and content and thus looks really awkward. Advertisers might be happy since it will bring more genuine visitors to their site and their Cost Per Click will be more justified than before BUT Google should really re-think about the design of the ads as they appear to be disgusting.




How to clear CYGWIN screen in Windows ?

This is just a small tip. A lot of us use CYGWIN as a port of *nix apps in windows to do various things. And we use different types of terminal like CMD on windows, Git-Bash or Konsole. Now the problem is, CYGWIN default (or even advanced) installation option doesn’t have ‘clear’ command like we have it in Linux. And it’s annoying esp. when we try a ls -l command and it fills up the screen. The undocumented feature of CYGWIN console is that it clears up the screen when you press CTRL+L.

So, use it when u need it 🙂

Michael Jackson died !


So, nobody lasts longer! I watched the news all day long about MJ. I’m kinda deeply shock at his death at the age of 50.  He was the music hero for almost all of us. It’s not only normal people but also to Gods of Rock – Metallica, i remember they suddenly started playing riff of “BEAT IT” in one of videos. There would hardly be any party/ celebrations in my childhood without some of MJ’s music. I still play the riff of “BEAT IT” in my acoustic guitar. It just refreshes.

This morning when i just saw “Breaking News” in CNN, it was unbelivable. I had to make sure in other channels and websites whether it really was. And it really was! The king of pop died of cardiac arrest at his home in LA and later in UCLA. A legend is gone!

I don’t have to write stories about him – we all know much. Just “Thank you” to Michael Jackson for his music, style, dance, love for people.

Google chrome now on Linux and Mac

Wow, so we don’t have to be more patient to run Chrome on Ubuntu. Google gives early access to dev channel for google-chrome’s unstable release of Linux (only debian at the moment) and Mac.

Just installed it on my Ubuntu – Jaunty and it works fine till now. Here’s how it looks like. Fonts are little crispy though.


Early stable versions can be obtained from  Microsoft will be a toast soon. lol

Celebrating PIE day

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Day before yesterday, i read in the newspaper that 14th March is the PIE day. That sounded interesting. Why ? cuz i had some sort of fascination about the value of PIE. i used to memorize upto 22 numbers which is 3.14159265358979323846 and i used to create kind of geek situation when i needed asking people how many numbers they could tell for pie. Typically teachers at school used to tell the number as 22/7 which breaks the value at the 3rd decimal point. Mizan Bhai at omeca coaching told that if you use 355/113 you get more accurate value which shows correct value up to 5th decimal point. So it was fun using the value of pie. Moreover there were times when i used to do JS apps with geometrical calculations.

So all these made me think that i should be a part me this celebration.

What did i do in this day? Nothing much, added 10 more numbers to my existing pie portfolio.

And i should ask the same question as the site. How many numbers did you memorize last year?

What if there were no firebug ?


Sometimes this comes to my mind that what if there were no firebug ? What would it mean to debug the DOM and Javascript, AJAX – everything ? The answer comes like a dark age. Seriously, we got so much used to Firebug that i can’t even think of making apps that involves DOM manipulation, AJAX. If you’re reading this blog, i’m sure you know what’s firebug and what it does. Wait let me just list’em down what would life mean without firebug.

  • I’d probably give up developing JS intensive pages
  • Would have stopped to enjoy playing with DOM and CSS 
  • I’d be a guy with less AJAX knowledge than what i’m now
  • My hundreds of Man Hours would have been wasted trying to run after stupid errors.
  • I would scold and curse Microsoft for IE every other day
  • May be some other browser would have been my default browser
  • Or may be i’d be truly dependent on DOM inspector and web developer toolbar of FF although they are not as good as firebug.

What else? Let me know what’s in your list.

And if you haven’t used firebug yet, to my language, you have committed a SIN. Let’s not bear the sin anymore GETFIREBUG

Starting my blog.

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most powerful.

So Finally I’ve set up my own blog. It’s been quite a while i’ve been detached with writing. Reasons ? Well, lots. But the writing stuff should be going on. On lot of occasions, i come across interesting and weird issues which get resolved and some remain unresolved. And on those occasions i wish that everyone around me should know about this. But it wasn’t quite happening. Now that i have opened up my own blog, i’ll get to share my views related to my profession and interests. I’m hoping i can share as much as possible.

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