Internet Explorer 9 Review

Ok, so i got this news of Internet Explorer 9’s BETA release from and was quite curious to put it to some tests. Not that too much technical test and all those performance benchmarks – but from an average browser’s point of view. I don’t want to demoralize everyone at the very beginning with some negative comments. Let’s just try to be positive and compare with some other popular browsers (of course Fireforx, Chrome, Safari and Opera). And i don’t want to iterate things written in Microsoft’s site. They did it for IE 8 and their blazing fast JavaScript Engine but all those simply didn’t work for us (developers). None of us made IE as their default browser and from W3C’s browser stat page, it doesn’t look quite promising for Microsoft.

Anyways, let’s just compare some sites in the new and so called Ambitious Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

1. I begin with my very own blog. I recently embedded one of my favorite font (Titillium) as one of the best CSS3 feature. And i’m disappointed with IE9’s output. Look here. in IE9 

If you enlarge this image (clicking) you can see the header is plain Arial. And this is the IE9. in Chrome

And here comes the output from Chrome. Can you see the font rendering ? It’s almost perfect here. Firefox, Safari behaves the same. Why Microsoft Couldn’t do it in IE9 ?


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Review : Crystal Database Wrapper for PHP

Crystal Database Wrapper for PHP
One of the sites i keep an eye on is to know about some of the latest and coolest tools in web development. I came across this new Database Library or wrapper called Crystal database wrapper. The library really looks promising and in fact appears to be minimalistic as they claim. They also have a data validation module and manipulation module which is all you need to create basic to intermediate apps. From the user guide i looked at some of the examples of CRUD and i just felt it’s Active Record from Codeigniter. As i did a lot of Codeigniter sites so far, it just looked so comfortable to me. Just for an example.


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