My Old day’s JavaScript

It’s been more than 10 years I’ve been playing with Javascript. There were times when we had to fight hard for netscape and IE’s weird behavior on DOM. But still i enjoyed those days. Making hobby projects truly for my own was a different level of fun. No commercial thoughts behind efforts. I’d call those days "my innocent javascript days". So I had made a handful of utility scripts out of my own interest. In those days, it was easier to play with IE’s DOM than Netscape’s DOM. IE 4 was better than Netscape 3/4. One of the script I wrote in year 2000 (my second year of undergrad) is to find your birthday calendar for a specified period of time.

Birthday Calendar

Like if you were born on 24th July 1980, it was a Thursday. So using this script you’ll be able to find when your birhtday will Exactly match the day. And it’ll also show all the birthdays in all the years starting from your birth year to the range you put.




It was made for IE in those days. I just tested in Firefox 3.0, Chrome, Opera 9 and Safari 4 and all of them seem to work fine with this script.

Don’t blame me for the interface, I was not a very good designer then 🙁

Some more scripts to come to cherish my early days of JAVASCRIPT. Stay tuned!

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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