Using $ instead of jQuery in WordPress Admin

Well this is not a new issue and neither the solution is but I wanted to repeat it so that newbies don’t waste time hunting for this problem.

jQuery core is added by default in WordPress Admin Pages BUT in noConflict() mode. So if you are writing a plugin and want to use jQuery you will get an error for using because this dollar namespace is not exported in noConflict mode. As a result, your habit of writing


will result an error saying $ is undefined. 

To counter this problem, there are a number of ways. First and the most suggested obvious way is to use like


BUT, we want to do something more useful. We are going to use a combination of Closure / anonymous function + Global Import.

JavaScript has some very good features. If you have read the design patterns, you will find it very familiar, and if you haven’t it won’t be much difficult. The closures can be self executing functions. Like


Now there’s another thing called Global Import using this closure. Let’s have a look at how they look like.


Almost all the well written libraries expose a global namespace. For jQuery it’s jQuery, for Yahoo it’s YAHOO and so on. Notice that we have supplied this jQuery nameapce in parameter of closure and using $ in the callback function parameter. Now that $ can be anything. If you write $YO , you will be able to write $YO(document).ready(….) . Why to follow this ? Because you can use any of your legacy script within this anonymous closure without any modification – not even $(document).ready.

So, next time you write some jQuery code in your plugin admin pages for WordPress, consider using the second method mentioned here.

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