You think you’re good at JavaScript ? Think AGAIN!!

I thought I’m very good at javascript. I had passed my lot of times of programming in early life playing with Javascript. Whatever problems came to me whether mathematical, effects, anything – I used to write JavaScript Codes. And I could debug most of the problems I faced or people faced in different forums. In 2001-2003, I used to give solutions to JS problems asked in And these days, In fact for the last two years, I keep playing with jQuery.

I keep stumbling while I work. It enriches my knowledge on topics i’m interested in. Recently i found a link and it just blew me and my confidence on JavaScript. It’s I don’t know what these guys are made of. They totally rock. Look at every single script. It won’t be harder to realize that they live javascript and very passionate about doing things. It just told me what’s the possibility. I couldn’t find my favorite from these hundreds of script cause I’m lost. I think all goes to my favorites. Good work guys! Hats off to you!!

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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    this is some excellent work. hope we can do something like it soon! 😉 nice blog by the way. we have to figure out how to link the entries to – i’ll give you some real estate there.

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