Is Kohana moving faster than Codeigniter ?

Traffic Codeigniter VS KohanaPHP

Look at the Alexa graph above. What do u think ?  

I’ve been using Codeigniter in Mid and Fairly Big project for over a year and a half. Kohana was released before i started but the amount of online support and tutorials and an active company development (EllisLab) made me decide using CodeIgniter. But I keep checking updates on Kohana because it has lot of extra features over CI. It’s Strictly PHP5 OOP and has libraries like ORM which doesn’t exist CI’s distribution. Just out of curiosity, i went to Alexa and compared the traffic for CI and KohanaPHP and it really surprised me. Kohana is way ahead in terms of traffic. What does that mean? People are more involved with Kohana than CI ? Well, apparently YES. Kohana is community driven development. In CI, user contributes as addons to the Framework, which is ok. But when there’s an active driving force by the community, it’s better, at least i think. 

Moreover I read some articles how to easily use Zend in Kohana in the So that makes me think of leaning towards Kohana for my next projects. There are of course ways to use CI with Zend though but the integration method of Kohana with Zend looked neat. It won’t get much tough to switch to Kohana because it was originally based on CI. And default design pattern in Kohana is Factory (as it appears) while CI is singleton. Of course I’ll need to analyze some more benchmarks for scalability and other features before shifting focus. 

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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