What if there were no firebug ?


Sometimes this comes to my mind that what if there were no firebug ? What would it mean to debug the DOM and Javascript, AJAX – everything ? The answer comes like a dark age. Seriously, we got so much used to Firebug that i can’t even think of making apps that involves DOM manipulation, AJAX. If you’re reading this blog, i’m sure you know what’s firebug and what it does. Wait let me just list’em down what would life mean without firebug.

  • I’d probably give up developing JS intensive pages
  • Would have stopped to enjoy playing with DOM and CSS 
  • I’d be a guy with less AJAX knowledge than what i’m now
  • My hundreds of Man Hours would have been wasted trying to run after stupid errors.
  • I would scold and curse Microsoft for IE every other day
  • May be some other browser would have been my default browser
  • Or may be i’d be truly dependent on DOM inspector and web developer toolbar of FF although they are not as good as firebug.

What else? Let me know what’s in your list.

And if you haven’t used firebug yet, to my language, you have committed a SIN. Let’s not bear the sin anymore GETFIREBUG

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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