PhpMinAdmin – nearest alternative to phpMyAdmin

I can’t possibly tell how many times i’ve been seriously irritated  navigating to phpmyadmin option of my hosting or hostings of the projects i have worked with. Most of the cases you’ll have to click many times. And in Plesk ? It simply sucks when it comes to use phpMyAdmin from there. I’ve always used phpminiadmin as a quick alternative solution because it needs no configuration and no install. But it’s very basic and needs too much typing to get things done. Today I found phpminadmin. It’s just the name without the i in php phpminiadmin. It simply rocks!! It has nearly every option that you’d normally expect from a db admin tool. And to me, it’s a substitute to phpmyadmin for ongoing operations.

phpminadmin screenshot

It has select, search, edit, index , create — almost everything u need. The best part is that it needs no install and it’s a single file weighing about 167KB.

But of course, i’m not saying it’s a fully alternative to phpmyadmin. No way. They have been developing this mighty tool for over nine years.  But phpminadmin surely is a very very good altenative of that for quick solutions. Check it out here.

Why didn’t I find it earlier ?  🙁


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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

8 thoughts on “PhpMinAdmin – nearest alternative to phpMyAdmin

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    I’m glad you are satisfied. Is there something specific what are you missing in phpMinAdmin?

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    Hmm, no. I think it has all the options that can be expected from a standalone file. Just came across that multiple record sets can not be edited in one page as possible in phpmyadmin. If i find more, i’ll send the wish list to sourceforge project page.

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    Fantastic for using at dev stage!

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    @guest : it’s not free and they don’t even have an online demo. So can’t call a phpmyadmin killer, sorry.

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