Guitar Chord Finder : Yet another old day script

Yet another one of my old days of Javascript – Guitar Chord finder. I can play Spanish Guitar a little. So in the beginning (2000-01) i needed the chord chart often visually. All of the guitar tab site write their tabs in similar fashion. Like if you talk about A major it will be like 002220 which means 6th and 5th strings are open,  your fingers are at 4th,3rd and 2nd fret and sting 1 is open again. If you play guitar, u know that A major has other combinations in the other octaves. So this XXXXXX notation helps us read the tabs correctly for which chord at which fret has to be used. Like , in the song Hotel California, the last E Minor at the end of first solo is actually the 335450 rather than 022000.  Anyways, as i was kind of beginner in 2000-2001, i built it for first octave chords only. Here’s how it looks.


It’s a chord chart for the right handed people 😉

You can see it in action here and can download the files here.

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