Make yourself comfortable with Circle Dock

How many times have you been irritated finding your most frequently used tools in quick launch, programs menu ? I guess lot of times. Clicking the mouse 3-4 times or more to execute your favorite programs is just awful. There are lot of programs coming to rescue to minimize clicks like using dockbars. But I’m more of a keyboard user and less mouse clickers. After using so many dock programs , my most favorite pick is the circle dock. You can add as many programs and folders as you want and they come like this

Circle Dock

Looks awsome, right? It just pops up when pressing it by a key. I’ve used the key F1. I don’t recall when did i last pressed F1 for help. So it was kind of useless. Pressing F1 or clicking on any of the programs closes it. Very easy and handy, stays on your systray  and consumes 1-5MB depending on the resources you put.


How to get it ?

It’s open source and free. It can be downloaded from Download, install, play and have fun with the configuration options. All the options are self explanatory.

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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