Safari 4, impressing !!

I downloaded the safari 4 for windows(haven’t found enough reasons to swicth to MAC) last week. It looks pretty optimized the way they have designed. It’s no doubt that MAC people are creative. They put signatures wherever they go. The recent release of Safari proves it once again. It gives you the best possible area within the browser. So many toolbars in browser sometimes are very irritating. Sometime you wan to have more space in browser so that you have to use the scroller less. Safari 4 tried to make the best use of it. They have shifted the tab bar to the title bar and i found this very creative. As a web developer and designer, we have to test in all browsers. Although IE makes our life hell when we see that more than 50% are still IE users and making a page compatible in IE6,7 is more than 50% of entire design work. Anyways, Let’s not fall over IE now. I’m talking Safari now. We know that Safari and Google Chrome uses the same rendering engine. And Safari’s top right menu looks pretty the same as google chrome. But there’s certain improvements in Safari’s rendering engine. Like you can set the border radius of fieldset element in Safari but Chrome can’t render it as rounded. I haven’t tested other things but it seems there are more. I hope google updates chrome with the latest webkit. The startpage was inspired by opera but in an improved manner. Here’s how it looks. Safari 4 startpage

Looks cool, huh?

Now talking about the speed of browsing!! When installing, i didn’t install the bonjour package with it and to me it’s the fastest browser right now in my PC. It responds faster than Chrome, which used to be the fastest until i installed Safari. I’m pretty impressed by it. Let’s discover it more. Thanks to Apple.

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Md. Mahbubur Rahman

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    Apple Safari takes more resources compared to Opera and Firefox. sometimes it also freezes so i would still stick to Opera.

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    Safari 4 is a bit slow compared to either Opera and Firefox. but i like the interface and graphics of Safari 4, it is cool though.

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